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Learn about the new technologies we will need to solve the problems of humanity. 

We showcase Health and Longevity, Military Tech, Biological and Food Tech, Communications Tech,

Computer Tech, Power and Propulsion Tech, Green Tech, Sigma Psi Tech, Social Tech and

the Technology that 10,000 Years ago founded our Civilisation and which still underpins our Civilisation today.. :=>



Learn About the genetic theory of personality in human behaviour

Can personality determine the future of Civilizations? "Nations"  :-]>>

How are Personality Genes inherited , creating what personality of your children?



Achy painy Tired or irritable have lot in common.

Learn about our new theory of illness and how to treat yourself.

Showcasing Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Dyslexia or just Bad and Mad people.  :-o>

An Introduction to Paill Spectrum - for beginners.  :-o>



Need to help a child with Aspergers, dyslexia or just having problems at school

Our new theory of illness gives answers and treatments. :-]




Depression or anxiety may have treatments instead of antidepressant drugs.

If you want a cure that is.

Illness happens for a reason :-c



We look at the management of the Corona Pandemic

The media have a lot to answer for in guiding the decisions of politicians.  :-{



The Psychoses and schizophrenia have plagued humanity since the early days we blamed devils or possession.

Now we have a theory of a new causes and a cure likely as well.  :-<



Kids failing at school. The answer is not just teaching harder. Dyslexia, Poor memory, slow development are part of the Paill Spectrum disorder.

New Treatments are possible. It now becomes an act of unforgivable stupidity to leave a child untreated- a child doomed to face darkness forever.  :-0



Language for holidays: single words, single syllables and easy to learn.

Become world savvy and talk to people anywhere by just learning a few words. <:-II


Tiredness and autoimmune disease are common, but there may be a new cause found suggesting new treatments even cures. :->>


Do you need to help someone with a drug problem? We tell you how and what to expect.

You can make a difference but there are principles to follow.

We showcase Interests vs Enabling as a basis for your decisions.

You may save a life, if you know how :- >



It began with scientists linking two matter strings on the other side of the Brane : the world around us that we cannot see or feel directly.
Humanity followed into the world that cannot be seen on the other side of the Brane, by choice.
What remains. A few isolated humans tasked with rebuilding a planet Earth tortured by years of human occupation.
Human masters of awesome power, technologies and knowledge.
The last humans cleanse planet Earth of the evidence of humanity, preparing the planet for new sentients, new sapients.

These are the stories about humanity transcendent: and the post human world- told through the eyes of a young 11 year old girl- Marissa.
Planet earth can be a dangerous and lonely place.  .  :-]



Showcasing man’s best friend , how to choose them and how to look after them. :->>> Achtung Schnauser!



Things to know about life to help you deal with life.

Health, Jobs, Finding Relationships, Short Cuts in Wealth

+ How to live healthy and Be Healthy, Rules for  Healthy Living



How to defend yourself in a Politically Correct World.

Stand up to the bullies who want to tell you how to think.   :-[



And we have been paid to promote:

Work Together to Defeat Government and Bureaucracy. :-@



And we have been paid to promote:

How to Limit Doctors' Consultation times - for doctors, (in Australia).

The Ten Minute Dream.   :-/




Humanity is destined to become an aggressively spacefaring race or to face extinction.

Learning to generate Gravity is the basis for the dreams of the spacefaring Diaspora.   :-?>



Learn the truth about Aliens on this earth. :-7




Learn more about the Paill Spectrum family of diseases.

Live long and Prosper! :-<





A Summary of the Erasmus and Kinkajou (EnK) sites. :-<













Illness and Health.

New theories suggest that one disease may be responsible for most psychiatric illnesses as well as conditions such as Chronic FatigueFibromyalgia and tendinitis.

Look at the present and future of Living Longer and healthcare.




Military Technologies.

Has everything being done? What new technologies will be present in the wars of tomorrow?

Visit our page on Aerial Infantry.



Green is good. We look at a range of technologies to help us live with a smaller footprint on our planet. Once, 50 years ago there were 3.5 billion people on the planet. Today there are approximately 7 billion people on the planet.

Visit our page to see how we will feed the multitudes – Farming Technologies and Vertical Farming technologies.



Biological Technologies.

The micro and the nano is the new frontier of the technological age. Bacteria are nano – factories which humanity can use to build the world tomorrow – in many ways.


Learn how Cloning and understanding Cell Growth will affect our world tomorrow.


Power and Travel Technologies.

If the human race is to survive, we need to escape the prison of our planet.

Learn about the methods present and future which humanity may use to escape Into Orbit.

Learn about how humanity needs to synthesise Gravity to survive.





Old Tech.

Consider technologies which have underpinned the rise of civilisation today.

Without these fundamental building blocks of society, civilisation could not have burgeoned. See pages on Old Tech.




Many people believe that everyone is capable of using the special sense. They propose that experience and usage that enhance one’s abilities.

Learn the basics about your PsiSense and see what the future of PsiSense may hold.



Extra Terrestrial Life.

The Fermi Paradigm proposes that the galaxy should be teeming with life. And yet we appear to be alone in the universe so far. Just considering the average spacing of sons within our region of this galaxy, it becomes obvious that there are over 100 solar system is likely to be found within 30 light years (approximately 10 parsecs) of our planet.

But perhaps the Fermi Paradigm is right. Perhaps we should not be seeking to communicate with our neighbours. Visit our SETI page.

Consider the horrors that Science Fiction imagines. Learn about some of the most dangerous life forms that may seek to destroy us. Consider how the dreams of Science Fiction could in fact be used to create a world of true Horror.






Erasmus & Kinkajou

Social Engineering

All too often we have seen how it is not the technology which stops us building the future.

Is all too often the difficulties posed by society, which make many projects impossible. See our Social Engineering pages.

Look at how we are letting down the poor and disadvantaged members of our society. Page – Helping The Hopeless.


Communications Technologies.

The combination of computers and optic cables is changing information flows in our world.

Learn how the Internet may well not be a mature technology. There are many changes to come still.



Too often people propose that small cars can help people travel in the cities and roads of the future. But making cars shorter will not change congestion on the roads of the future. Throughout the planet already, in many countries the roads are on the verge of gridlock. Our burgeoning population continues to increase the stress placed on our travel infrastructure.

Learn how halving the width of a car, could double to quadruple the capacity of the roads of today. New Vehicle technologies.























Erasmus Profile Erasmus Erasmus Happy: Our fighter for truth and team leader.

Goo Goo : Goo the Numbat is a simple soul, almost the last of his species. He shares his perspective on life with us humans.

Commandant Commandant : In Charge of our Security. Strict and unyielding.

Beethoven Frobisher Beethoven and Frobisher: Our security bully wots.

Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : He joins us, a refugee from  the justice of his own kind, bringing the alternate perspective from another place, not at all sympathetic to the vermin infesting his new abode.

Kinkajou Profile Kinkajou Kinkajou Face : Our warrior and foot soldier, exploring the world to bring us truth and knowledge.


Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Representative of our medical staff.














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